Craig Can Do is a Handyman Service that offers a wide and varied list of services to cater for all people and all times of the year. I am however specialising in creating a service for those that live with a disability or are elderly as this is an area I have worked in for many years and have a passion for.

Do you have a need for a handyman to get stuff done around the house or garden? I can help. If you live with a disability, chronic illness, or have barriers associated with ageing, and just want to get the job done. Call Craig as I'd love to help..and i'll offer you a discount too!!

I understand how it can feel when you use your friends and families for so much. Sometimes you want to get it done yourself without feeling like a bother. You would like to enjoy their visit without valued time being taken up doing tasks and jobs around the house that you are unable to attend to yourself.

Well I can help!!

Craig Can Do is a business dedicated to providing quality, economical and friendly services as directed by customers. Contact Craig to organise your weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annual home and garden maintenance service.

Craig will work with you to complete those niggling tasks that you need a hand with, home maintenance jobs that everyone puts off, and everything in between. All with a friendly "Can Do" outlook.

I am also happy to do those once off' jobs that you just dont want to do!!

I listen to you and ensure that I meet your expectations and do what you want. Too many trades people offer a service and thats it. I want to offer a more complete service whereby if I come to your house to clean the windows, while I am there, I can change light bulbs and other very small tasks that you may need done or may be having trouble with. All with a smile and a 'can do' attitude !