Outside The Home

Below are some of but not all the tasks that I am able to assist you with outside of your home.

I have given a brief description on each one however if there is something you would like further information on or something that isn't listed and you would like to discuss this please visit the CONTACT ME page and either call me or send me a message through the website

Aviary / Shed Construction or Relocation

Do you need your shed or aviary moved or built? Is where you put it then not where you want it now?

I can relocate your shed or aviary from it's existing location to another location on your property or even to your new property. I can also construct your new shed or aviary for you in a location that suits you – I will even collect it for you if you like!

Window Cleaning

Have you had a look at your garden through your kitchen windows or are they a little dirty and hard to see through? I can clean them so you can see the sunshine again. It is amazing what a difference having clean windows can have to the appearance of your house. Not only for looks but simply for the fact that you will be able to see the outdoors better. You will look through your clean windows and say Wow!!

I can make your windows shine as a once off or on a regular basis – it all depends what you would prefer.

Fly Screen Wire Replacement

Do you have a fly screen door or window that has a tear or holes in it? I can replace any fly screens that have holes in them. This will make your house look nicer and also keep those flies and mosquitoes out!

Or are they looking tatty and due for an upgrade? If so I will replace the fly wire for you and make your windows look like new. I can replace the fly wire on all your screens if you would rather giving them a new lease on life!!

Hang Clothes Dryer

Do you have a dryer that needs hanging on the wall. Or do you want or need yours moved?

Mine is outside which is much quieter than having it inside! Also there is now no condensation forming on my laundry windows and I get far better airflow through the dryer making it more effective!! If you have this issue call me today and I will help you work out a good place to put your dryer where it works best for you.

Gutter Cleaning

A lot of people do not realise how many issues can be caused by leaves and debris collecting in gutters or a build up of debris and dirt in down pipes. Your gutters can rust or even worse – back flow into your roof space during heavy rain causing more serious issues. I can clean your gutters as well as flush your down pipes out. I will check whether the soak wells on your property are sufficient to cope with the water flow during heavy rain and make any suggestions to you.

I can also look at assisting with problem areas by removing any overhanging branches which may be leading to excessive gutter debris or installing gutter guard or gutter brushes to limit the build up that leads to issues such as possible flooding.

Install Hose Reel

I can install your new hose reel exactly where you want it to get the best use out of your hose without getting tangled.

I'll put it where you want it and to the height you want it!

Install / Move Letter Box

Moving into a new place and need a letterbox? Or upgrading from your existing letterbox. I can install it for you!

I'll put it where you want it and to the height you want it - as long as it is within your local council guidelines of course.

Car Wash / Detailing

Have you had your car washed recently? Are you looking at selling your car?

I will come to your house and wash and detail your car making it as close to new as possible. I will wash, polish and buff the exterior. I will vacuum the interior, shampoo the seats and remove any stains I find on the carpets (if possible!). I will clean the windows, apply tyre shine and even leave a magic tree in the car so it smells pretty too!