In Your Garden

I have given a brief description on each one however if there is something you would like further information on or something that isn't listed and you would like to discuss this please visit the CONTACT ME page and either call me or send me a message through the website.

Reticulation Maintainence

Are you having issues with your reticulation? Are your sprinklers not working as they should leading to dead or dying patches of lawn or garden at your place? Are you watering your driveway more than your lawn?

I can get them working like new for you! I can overhaul your whole reticulation system. I will check all your sprinklers and make sure they are all working effectively. I will program your reticulation controller effectively or if your reticulation controller is broken, I can replace that for you too!

Lawn Mowing / Edging

Are your lawns looking a bit tatty? Or do you no longer have the time or energy to maintain your lawns, Craig Can Do!

I will mow and edge your lawns and have them looking good as possible. Whether it's a once off or on a regular basis.

Weeds / Garden Clean Up

Are the weeds in your garden out of control? Or do you just want someone to maintain your garden on a regular basis?

I can pull the weeds and clean your garden in general. I will rake up any leaves in the garden and can also look at fertilising too if that is what you want?

There are lots of little things I can do to help you clean up your garden area. I can even put in a new edge on your garden if you would like!

Garden Waste Removal

Do you have a verge side garden waste removal coming up?

I can come and help do a big clean up and put garden waste on the verge for you.

If there is no waste pick up I will take it with me leaving you with nothing to get rid of and nothing to worry about!!