About Craig

I have worked in the finance industry for the last 27 years full time however on my spare time I seemed to be quite often building or fixing something either for myself or friends and family. My last job in finance was dealing with clients with a disability and also the elderly. I then found my true calling. I really enjoyed helping people and going the extra mile to make a real difference. When my job was no more, I was at a loss for quite a while as I really wanted to continue to be able to help people. I could not find anything that met my skill set and allowed me to follow my passion.

I have always done my own handyman jobs around the house and garden in all of the properties I have owned. I have built 3 aviaries from metal at my current house plus 2 from wood in my previous house. I have relocated sheds for myself and also for family. I have built my own furniture and fixed furniture for friends and family. I have internally painted both my current and previous houses and fixed small holes in walls. I have a strong interest in all things DIY and although this may sound a little sick, I really love putting flat pack furniture together!!

I have lived in the Beechboro area for most of my life and am very familiar with the area as it has evolved. When I first lived here most of the area was bush so I have watched it grow to what it is today. This includes Ellenbrook and Aveley. These 2 suburbs were non existent back then and look at them today!! The Eastern Suburbs are home but I will travel to you – wherever you are - to get the job done.

So taking this all into account, I got to talking to people close to me. I got their opinion on what I should do. I thought why not start a Handyman business so I could work for myself and this also allows me to follow that passion of helping people at the same time.

Craig Can do was born!!!